STS RiSE 500 Tower


• Fully certified to the very latest BSI, Test & Research EN1004-1:2020 requirements
• Instruction manual to EN1004-2
• Meets the requirements of the 3T assembly and dismantling method
• Available in 23 working heights for each of the two different widths and lengths, from 1.2m to 12.2m
• Weight rating 950kg (149.2 stone) less tower self-weight
• Frame sections available in 850mm and 1450mm widths
• Fully welded ladder incorporated into the frame
• Fitted with dual locking castors individually certified to 700KG
• Platforms are available in 2 different lengths, 1.8m and 2.5m, with a non-slip finish for additional safety
• Platform can be set at increments of 0.5m (23), ensuring maximum flexibility to work at a variety of heights
• Unique single-piece folding toeboard
• Colour coded hooks with an oversize trigger for easier operation
• Articulated swivel rubber feet to outriggers and oversized cast aluminium fixings for ease of attachment
• Floating spigots for ease of assembly and dismantling
• Flexible enough to be used both indoors & outdoors
• All components come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects

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