Robust Bs2037 Class 1 Industrial Truck Step And Loadstep

The LFI PRo LoadStep is a British-made truck step/load step explicitly created to offer maximum durability and comfort. With its heavy-duty 35mm serrated D-rungs and a 4-way crimp & swage design, access to lorry beds has never had a safer access solution. The LFI PRo Loadsteps wide 3mm thick 5 bar chequer plate platform made from aluminium has been tested for a maximum load of 175kg.

The LFI PRo LoadStep comes with a sliding mechanism, allowing the platform to adapt to laden and unladen lorry bed heights, a single handrail with two locking settings, and an integral locking strap to allow the LoadStep to be secured to your vehicle whilst in use.

Available in two standard sizes covering bed heights up to 1.4m, and with bespoke sizes available to order, the LFI PRo Loadstep has got you covered.

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