The Desksurfer is the ideal solution to meet your over-desk access needs. Setting up takes a few minutes, and there’s no need to clear or move a desk before you work.

The Desksurfer was designed to answer the problematic access requirements when working over desks specifically. A 900mm out-reach platform provides easy 1200mm hands-on access to light fittings, fan coils, etc.

The Desksurfer is both quick and easy to use. The platform is height adjustable for low-level and high-level applications, providing access to the underside of ceilings and, when needed, above ceiling tile level. The Desksurfer has a Safe Working Load of 150 kg.

With its space-saving design, the Desksurfer compacts to a mere 650mm wide x 1350mm long x 1950mm high (1970mm with option 5, adjustable legs), which makes it a versatile access tool to fit through doors and into small lifts as a one-piece, self-contained mobile unit.

Platform height range: 875 mm (795mm underside platform clearance over desks) to 2240mm and adjustable by 273mm rung increments, with a braked hand-operated winch to raise and lower the mast.

Average standing reach height range: 2875mm to 4240mm (based on reaching 2000mm). It will be approximately 500mm lower when a person is sitting, using the optional seat/tool tray for restricted headroom applications when getting over taller obstructions on desks.

Manufactured from robust aluminium alloy, the Desksurfer is very strong, light, and easy to manoeuvre. It is mobile by pushing or pulling manually from the base only and without a person or materials on the platform. Self-weight of Unit with options 2, 3 & 4 = 95Kg.

The Desksurfer has been designed with a minimum of loose components to make it quick and easy to use. The option of a fold-down mast (FM models) allows “flat-pack” transportation in a van or large estate car when needed.

Price available on enquiry. Please call or use our web chat to talk to a member of the team.

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