BoSS Side Cantilever Tower

The BoSS Side Cantilever access tower is ideal for enabling a user to access and work over obstructions.

The infill decks provide uninterrupted and useable deck space that protrude out from the centre of the tower to allow the user to work comfortably.

  • Wider platform provides a large and uninterrupted work area.
  • Enables user to work over an obstruction when unable to support tower on another side.
  • Integrated ladder with 0.25m climb rung spacing and 0.5m frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access.
  • Link brace prevents frame separation.
  • Sturdy stabilisers with interlocking clips improve the overall stability of towers.
  • Made from high-grade aluminium.
  • BoSS claws are patented and colour-coded to ensure braces are easily identifiable.
  • Buttress tower – Ballasts positioned at the end of the tower to provide extra stability.
  • Infill deck provides useable deck space that protrudes out from the centre of the tower for access to overarching spaces.
  • Single pedal castors for easier manoeuvrability.
  • Safety brakes secure the tower during use and eliminate lateral drifting.
  • Cantilever frames – All in one frame for an easy build.
  • 3T -Through the Trapdoor build method.
  • Available platform heights up to 6.2m and length of 2.5m.


Price available on enquiry. Please call or use our web chat to talk to a member of the team.

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