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BoSS Extended End Cantilever Tower

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BoSS Extended End Cantilever enables further reach capability and is ideal for accessing areas where obstacles prevent a standard tower from being erected. Built quickly and easily using standard BoSS tower components, this Tower range is ideal for overcoming all manner of obstacles such as porches, garages or stairways.

  • Made from high-grade construction aluminium
  • Step-Through frame provides a multi-level walk through structure
  • Sturdy stabilisers with interlocking clips improve the overall stability of the towers
  • Colour coded claws ensure braces are easily identifiable
  • Link brace system prevents frame separation for added safety
  • Integrated ladder with anti-slip rungs
  • Constructed using standard BoSS components
  • Available Platform height up to 6.2m and length of 2.5m


Out of stock


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