BoSS End link Towers

The BoSS End-Linked mobile access tower provides a continuous large working area via a fixed deck and the use of a Step-Through frame. With a 3.2m fixed deck, the uninterrupted area offers a more extensive working platform with standard BoSS tower components. This is ideal when working across obstacles such as buildings and large machinery.

  • Made from high-grade construction aluminium.
  • 3.2m Fixed Deck provides a more extensive working platform area with minimum components.
  • Lightweight design for easier handling.
  • The Step-Through frame provides a multi-level walk-through structure.
  • Sturdy stabilisers with interlocking clips improve the overall stability of the towers.
  • Plan brace ensures a rigid structure for improved performance.
  • Colour-coded claws ensure braces are easily identifiable.
  • Integrated ladder with anti-slip rungs.
  • Constructed using standard BoSS components.
  • Conforms to BS 1139-6:201.
  • Length is available of 1.8m – 3.2m and heights of up to 6.2m.


Price available on enquiry. Please call or use our web chat to talk to a member of the team.

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