BoSS 500 Tower – double width


BoSS Clima is a premium aluminium modular access tower system featuring easy climb 0.25m rung spacing. The 60206200 BoSS Clima 3T tower system has a 1.45m frame width that is 1.8m in platform length and 6.2m platform height.

BoSS Clima is the ultimate versatile tower system, designed for the professional user. Uses 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method so the operator can assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform.

  • Fully interchangeable with BoSS standard tower components.
  • 0.25m frame rung spacing for easy climbing.
  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip.
  • Floating frame spigots for easy assembly.
  • Deck board edge protection for maximum security.
  • 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method.
  • Professional safe working load 275kg per platform.
  • Safety certification BS EN1004:2004.
  • Available in 1.8m and 2.5m lengths
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