Armorgard FlexiKart Fk2


  • A robust pallet skate increases safety and reduces physical strain when manoeuvring loads manually
  • The maximum working load capacity of 1200kg
  • All 4 support arms can be raised individually as required, and when not in use they fold below the bed height
  • Able to hold 1200×1000 pallets when all 4 support arms are locked upright
  • With the support arms folded down, the FlexiKart can accommodate larger loads or can be twinned with a second FlexiKart for long loads such as metal beams, wood, pipe, conduit and other materials
  • Built-in lashing points allow loads to be secured, which safely prevents them from falling off when manoeuvring
  • Four swivel casters (two are braked), allow the FlexiKart to be easily moved in any direction
  • The FlexiKart is easily stackable when not in use, for maximum space efficiency


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