Safety decking systems are a valuable solution to solve a wide range of access problems when working from heights across various construction projects. Site Services at STS Access can provide premium safety decking installation for any size project, keeping your operatives safe at all times.

When your site calls for decking systems, you need a solution that’s safe, legal and accessible to all workers and contractors. Site Services at STS Access delivers class-leading solutions in a cost-effective manner, underpinned by the work of our fully trained CSCS Blue card installers and NEBOSH qualified safety manager. Our team works with you to ensure that all aspects of the decking system are tailored to meet the needs of your project and business.

Rhino Load Deck

The Rhino Load Deck is made from lightweight premium-grade steel and is highly durable, as well as easy to lock into place.

A 3-in-1 system, the deck can be used as a wall-to-wall platform, a trestle and handrail set-up, a mobile tower arrangement and even around L shapes and irregularities. As well as providing a safe working platform, you can also load on your tools and materials for easy access.

Specifications include:

  • 600kg load capacity

  • Self-supportive

  • Complies to British Standards Institute test procedures

  • Roof non-fragility tested in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2005

  • Temporary works equipment BS EN 12811-1:2003 section 6.1.3 load class 6 :- 6.0kN/m2, and

  • Temporary edge protection systems – BS EN 13374:2004

  • Code of Practice of Falseworks – BS5975:1996

The right decking system protects your employees and assets with a safe work environment, promoting faster work and a greater sense of control. The well-being provided by our decking systems leaves you free to focus on the work at hand, increasing productivity.

When you need a load platform, we work tirelessly to ensure that:

  • The project is organised to save time and money

  • The load platform meets the needs of your project

  • All materials are of the highest standards and installations are carefully completed

  • Minimal materials are needed while still providing reliable capabilities

  • Load decks are adaptable and can be used internally or externally

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