From constructing a straightforward aluminium tower to specialist custom structures, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on offering world-class services at affordable prices.

With advanced PASMA Training, our Aluminum Tower Specialist (ATS) installers have put up structures that many would see outside the scope of what towers can do. Along with the complicated bespoke structures, our teams can also install standard configurations, including stair, cantilever, linked and bridged towers. You are in control of the project, we simply bring your vision to life in the quickest, cheapest and most professional way.

Whether you need a public access stair tower for your construction site or an external fire exit staircase that integrates with your existing building, aluminium tower structures are the perfect solution.

STS Access provides an array of solutions ranging from standard towers to complicated bespoke structures for a variety of situations and settings. At STS Access Site Services, our professionals are able to provide a full erect service on aluminium tower structures.

Our teams can install:

  • Cantilever towers
  • Bridging towers
  • Birdcage/boxing ring towers
  • Façade structures
  • Swimming pool beams
  • Tall towers which fall outside of BSEN1004 (8m externally/12m internally)

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