At STS Access, we are specialists for working at height solutions across the South of England. Our range of hire and purchase equipment would not be complete without robust, lightweight, and reliable ladders for construction and domestic work projects.

Ladders are still permitted in working from height requirements. However, the 2005 Work at Height Regulations insist that they should for short-term tasks. However, when you have to work from a step ladder or ladder because there is no other solution, you want a solution you can trust.

Our team at STS Access is dedicated to supplying contractors with lightweight and compact ladder solutions for a variety of purposes. We are also a provider of ladder inspection & user courses, which can ensure teams are equipped with the knowledge and best practices they need to use, inspect and maintain ladders. The course is available upon booking and provides participants with a certificate. Misuse and inability to identify faults on ladders are the most frequent causes of accidents. During the course, you’ll also learn safe handling regarding ladder rungs and treads, as well as placement. So, we recommend taking the course whether you hire a ladder, a platform step, or a multipurpose ladder. Check our shop for all your ladder needs, including telescopic ladders, extension ladders, special ladders, folding ladders, and even rope-operated ladders.